Five Facts About Your Home That Affect Your Happiness

5 Little-Known Facts About Your Home that Affect Your Happiness

Erin Vaughan – guest writer on SBaird Design

Our happiness is influenced by all kinds of things. You’re probably already working on your diet and sleep, as well as trying to forge healthy relationships and keeping yourself from getting overworked. But did you know that even your surroundings can shape your emotional health?

Here at Modernize, we’re all about home designs that allow you to live your best, most joyful life. Here are some tips to keep in mind to create a space that brings you beauty and peace.


Your Furniture’s Shape Can Influence Your Emotions

Our minds are hard-wired to avoid sharp angles. A primitive part of our brains called the amygdala, which helps with regulating emotions, is triggered by the geometry of the spaces around us. When that space is too angular, it can cause undue stress.

Soft, gentle spaces, such as this rounded, inviting kitchen table below, help our minds relax into comfort. Of course, things would get pretty bland without a few angles to play off of, so it’s a good idea to have a good balance of both soft and hard lines.


Clutter is Chaos to Your Mind

We tend to collect items that clutter up our homes. That toy from the office gift exchange you didn’t really want, a few free samples, a keychain from a charity function—it all adds up.

Clutter significantly reduces our ease at home because it causes something called decision-fatigue. If you have to look at a hundred items before you find the thing you need, your brain gets tired, and therefore less happy than if you know exactly where to go.

That’s where a new movement, called “domestic purging,” comes in. The idea is to only keep the items in your home that “spark joy,” and throw away everything else. So maybe you can’t throw away everything that doesn’t make you happy, but it’s a good idea to start evaluating the items you bring back into the house and decide whether they’re worth keeping.

If the idea of throwing things away makes your skin crawl, my friend has a great solution: she puts these little trinkets in extra gift bags that she keeps around the house. Then she has a nice little gift to give a friend the next time she sees one.


You Should Separate Where You Work and Where You Sleep

We all know that the boundaries between work and home have gotten a lot blurrier. Some of us work at home full-time and some of us just bring work home. And with our phones putting us on information overload, sometimes even play feels like work!

If you’re not careful, your home can go from being a sanctuary of rest and rejuvenation to another stress-churned work factory in no time, which means less sleep and lower overall quality of life.

And when it comes to sleep, our brains need training to know when it’s time to rest. Keeping work out of the places where you eat and especially, where you sleep, will help signal to your mind that when you lie in your bed, you’re there to get some much needed shut-eye.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 3.34.55 PM

You Should Have a Special, Private Place To Go

We’re a lot happier in our homes when we have a “room of our own”—a peaceful place where we can go for some alone time. One popular idea for this is to build a “shrine,” a little area in the home where you keep photographs and other special items.

But if the spiritual aspect of that isn’t for you, just think of it as a special location where you can go to be alone from time to time. For some people, this may even be as simple as taking special pains with your bathroom’s decor so that it becomes a peaceful retreat.

There’s No One, Perfect Design

One of the exciting (and frustrating) things about our minds is that even the most comforting of places gets boring over time. If you get the urge to shuffle things around, don’t fight it.

Making tweaks to your existing design every so often can really shake off those cobwebs and make sure that your mind is staying active and happy.

Once you start paying attention to how your home makes you feel, you’ll find that you are able to make adjustments that make you feel more comfortable and at peace. Awareness key to a building happy home!

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Summertime Seating – Shannon talks with the Wall Street Journal

A fun little piece from last Friday’s Wall Street Journal in the real estate and design section. Shannon was happy to give their writer a few insights for the article.

She also had the pleasure of sitting down to read the article in one of her very own deck chairs.


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Press love testimonial from Gallant and Jones website

see it here, read it here

We recommend Gallant and Jones chairs and accessories for many client’s homes and patios. They can be used indoors in the fall and winter months, outside in the summer. Easily transported to the beach and parks for outdoor concerts as well, they serve many purposes and are oh so comfortable to lounge in.

Some of the accessories that we covet are the teak tray to lay across the foot stool for drinks and snacks. We also love their towels!

IMG_3286 IMG_3455

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A few weeks ago we received an email from a client from last year. We had done some design work for her, a space planning challenge of a media and music room that needed plenty of storage.

We had presented her with 3 options and suggested our favorite- a wall to wall built-in that would accommodate almost all her requirements. She was happy with the designs and agreed with us about the built-in. That was

Imagine our delight when almost 5 months later she sent us the kindsest note and snaps of the completed room.

Our room is mostly finished, and we are slowly trying to get moved back in.
With a few modifications, it is very much like the original design…
Many thanks, we love it.
Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 5.16.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 5.24.54 PM

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France: Wine, Cheese and Environmental Laws

Rooftops on new buildings built in commercial zones in France must either be partially covered in plants or solar panels.

This became official back in March but continues to make us happy everyday. We always try to incorporate plants and energy saving, earth conscious practices into our interiors and exterior designs. How lovely that laws can have such a beautiful and positive impact on design and the earth at the same time.

Just one more reason to love France.

Form, function and color are dominant in this NY rooftop.

Trees at street level and on the top deck in Paris.

Chicago’s City hall speaks volumes about leading the way by example.

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Love and gratitude to Freunde von Freunden and Julie Pointer and Carissa Gallo for this interview. I am humbled. Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.34.38 AM

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by | June 10, 2015 · 9:42 am

Update : SE 52nd Bungalow

Its been a productive and fast paced spring at the bungalow on Mt. Tabor.

Siding is on, drywall is up and getting finished, wiring is temped in. Now, it is all gearing up for the finishing touches! Paint, fixtures, cabinetry, tile and more.

We took a quick stop-in to check out the job site yesterday. During the walk through, we kept marveling at the beauty and change that we saw throughout. Here are a couple of before and after snaps. Transformation abounds.

IMG_1823 DSC_1115


IMG_2249 DSC_1112

IMG_0695 DSC_1122

IMG_0696 DSC_1124

IMG_2169 DSC_1125


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Commercial building brought to new life

While we have posted about this project earlier this year, we cannot help but write again about Jason Leonard’s sweet project in NE Portland as it has just received some press on design sponge.

Check it out here

painted exterior

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Another ADU feature! How to get perfect interior Photos – by our talented photographer + friend, Mark Toal.

Knowing how to represent your work accurately and well is paramount in our business. Your portfolio is how you get clients.

2081388_orig DSC_1121

A good photograph lets your style, expertise and ability to create and environment be captured into a 2d format. It has the ability to transport someone to an entirely different place and experience the atmosphere.

It is important to have a strong team of talented individuals around you. To know who has what skills and can excel at a specific task. Thankfully, Shannon has a long standing friendship + working relationship with the talented photographer, Mark Toal.

He has shot several of our interiors and we are always thrilled with his techniques + ability to accurately capture our spaces.

He received a lot of questions about his shoot at the ADU after his images were featured in Dwell Magazine online.

He explained his technique in this latest blog post where he is a contributing editor for the website Mirrorless Photo Tips.



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Dwell Magazine featured our ADU project

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