Walnut bed

When we began working on this project in July, I am not sure if we thought it would take quite this long, but the beauty of the finished product, far outweighs the wait that it took to be delivered to our client’s home. 

Wanting to support local providers and furniture makers, Goby Walnut and The Joinery, it seemed natural to have this bed made here in Oregon. It looks so “Oregon”, and all of the resources were at hand. The wonderful owner of Goby was so kind to give my client and I a tour of his facilities when we arrived to choose the piece of wood that would become the headboard, from the slabs of drying walnut to his entire stock of beautiful veneers, and The Joinery far exceeded my expectations on professionalism and craftsmanship. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in transforming a live edge piece of walnut – complete with 4 bullets found during fabrication that are permanently in the headboard, into the most beautiful headboard with nightstand and platform. 


Where it began




The bullets 


New queen size bed

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