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A photography book review again? Seriously? Yes.

Deep South – Sally Mann


I first discovered Sally Mann when my children were young. She had just released ‘Immediate Family’  documenting her three children in a way that seemed uncanny in it’s resemblance to my own life. Her children were her muses, and she was inspired by the dressing up, injuries, tears and play that accompany growing up. All of this was set to the back drop of the South. Literally. Her homeland influenced how the images shot from the page. There was a melancholy to the trees and an over reaching ache to the hills and grounds that her kids stood on. They could not have been shot elsewhere and had the same effect. 

Now with Deep South, I am catapulted back to a place and time that I have seen before on my journeys there. The south is different, and anyone who would tell you otherwise, must never have been there. The text describes what is palpable so well;

‘Flannery O’Conner said the South is Christ-Haunted, but I say it’s death-haunted. The Southern landscape, terrible in its beauty, in its indifference.’ 

Working out of the back of her truck with chemicals, wet – plate negatives and a darkcloth, these images appear as antique photography and when looking at a portrait of a tree, it may as well be of a fallen soldier. The history of the land seeps through on every page.



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Press Release in Shift City Guide




Established by Shannon Baird and Lisa Kuhnhausen, SBaird Design offers you a fantastic lifestyle with working on the various projects. Being proud of their own works and being respectful of tradition, their design is modern, yet having warmth to it with an environment-friendly design.

Please tell us yourself and your recent activity.

We believe that talking about design is a little like sitting on the end of the bed for two hours and discussing how great it’s going to be.

We are Shannon Baird and Lisa Kuhnhausen.
We run a boutique design firm in Portland Oregon.
We follow our intuition.
We obsess over details.
We have an unwavering belief that our work speaks for itself.

Recent project have included furniture design, color consultation, interior design, existing home remodeling and renovation. Current projects include the development of print media, furniture design competitions, and implementation of sustainable practices within our firm.

Please tell us about your city, and how about living in your city for yourself/activity.

Having been both born and raised in Portland, we know the inherent value of our local culture and vibrancy; whether it is being able to walk or bike anywhere that you want to go (and people actually do), or that there are pockets in our city that distinctly represent the people that inhabit it, and the stores that service it.

The common interest that is represented in our community, is a high level of environmental consciousness. This overall awareness supports our activities in design. Whether it be the availability of renewable resources locally, or the demand from our clients for green building practices, we feel that Portland is one of the leading cities in the United States for implementation of all that is meaningful to us in the current life of design today.

Please tell us a favourite places in the city you live and work in.

The bridges, the train tracks and the graffiti.
Upstairs at Cafe Allora.
Walking in the woods of Forest Park.
Watching hummingbirds, even in the winter.
The ability to go to a concert of a local musician every day of the week.

SBaird Design
SBaird Design includes expertise based on 24 years of experience in design and project management. In 2005 Shannon Baird teamed up with Lisa Kuhnhausen to establish a firm that believes resolutely in the accessibility of design.
Current conditions in their local climate of design necessitate the desire for authentic thought in design, coupled with the demand from thier market for environmentally aware outcomes.

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