With or without serif?

Two books on type recently caught my eye while browsing at the  store Peter Miller in Seattle. 


The Serif Fairy | Explorations in the world of letters | Rene Siegfried

A beautiful children’s book but also for anyone who loves type and what letters can magically become when put together by a smart designer. Following a fairy who has lost her wing through an expertly designed typographic world, in which everything is created with letters, from Garamond, to Futura, to Shelley and Zentenar.

Began as studio work during a course on communications design, it is a sweet typographic education for all.


Helvetica | Homage to a typeface | Lars Muller

Lars Muller’s book is a must for typographical obsessives who notice helvetica everywhere they go. Whether in posters, street signs, album covers, and subway maps, it is the most ubiquitous form of lettering that exists. Either revered or equally as disliked, there is always a conversation around it’s usage that is passionately debated. Examples are expertly intertwined with text and photography.

See also the movie ” Helvitca ” starring David Carson and Erik Spiekermann.



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