Chambers Gallery

 Chambers@916 NW Flanders Portland,Oregon 97209 503-227-9398 

As I was leaving a meeting yesterday I walked past a gallery storefront that I had never seen before, I tried to keep walking but kept stopping and looking in the windows because of the art that caught my eye – beautiful large graffiti – inspired ( to me) paintings by James Michael Pustorino . I wish that I knew the exact size – 4×8? Possibly. They were mesmerizing in the vibrancy of color they contained. I highly recommend that they be seen in person. 


In speaking with the gallery director Martha Morgan, who was delightful herself, and seemed so familiar as if I had met her before, I kept trying to place her in Portland, but she is relatively new here, doesn’t that always happen? As we kept talking about work and design I was touched that she had read and remembered so well, the cover story from Oregon Home Magazine that had just featured our renovation in the Pearl District nearby.

She showed me an installation that I also could not stop looking at. A video with soundtrack called Traces of an afternoon by Oliver Lyons that reminded me of a dj playing with movie clips, $30 and it is yours to take home, project on your wall or computer during dinner parties for the perfect background sound mixed with visuals, sure to make everyone think that you are the coolest person ever.


and here is her business card – check it out…


all photos taken with the iphone for that blurry out of focus look.


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  1. I like how you were going for that “blurry out of focus look”.

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