Outdoor lighting

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Your Modern Outdoor Retreat

It is a common misconception that modern decorating should be confined to a home’s interior, especially when it comes to lighting. Truly, there are countless modern lighting projects that will increase the curbside appeal of your home for optimal outdoor nighttime enjoyment. Modern outdoor lighting is sure to impress partygoers during that perfect summer outdoor patio gathering, or it can provide an intimate retreat for personal relaxation after those long days at the office. Whether you are after a sophisticated or casual outdoor setting, modern lighting is the perfect way to add ambiance to your deck, patio or home façade.

Hanging Lanterns for your Hang out Spot

You can start off the project of improving your yard’s outdoor décor by adding some chic, overhead lights. These lights will highlight your landscape and create a setting that is conducive to outdoor celebrations. Most likely, you will be using your outdoor space in the summertime, so why not bring out the colors of summer with some bright, multicolored overhanging pendant lights?  Luceplan is a modern lighting design company that specializes in creating these outdoor pendant lights; their pod lens suspension lights work really well outdoors, especially when they are hung from backyard trees bringing modern vibes out of your landscape.  Now, pendant lights are not the only type of overhead lights that you can purchase. Hanging lanterns are also great for setting the right tone to your outdoor décor. The great thing about lanterns is that designs are etched on the outside of the metal coverings; because of this, there are a number of modern and futuristic outlines to choose from.

Green is Chic

Without a doubt, a new trend in modern décor is eco-friendly sustainability in terms of design. “Modern” and “eco-friendly” have just about become synonymous as companies are becoming more and more dedicated to environmental preservation. There are a number of eco-friendly outdoor lighting options that you can choose from without having to sacrifice style. Many of the modern-designed outdoor wall sconces are beautiful in appearance and feature finishes that are distinctly futuristic with stainless steel, brushed nickel, brass and chrome finishes. Not only that but most outdoor wall sconces are also dark sky compliant, which means that they help reduce glare and light pollution. Another wonderful outdoor lighting solution is the addition of a few solar walkway or garden lights. These solar reflector lights serve an aesthetic purpose, as well as an eco-friendly solution to curbside lighting. Enjoying your garden at night will become a new pastime after you add some beautiful solar lights to highlight the hard work you put into the garden during the day. You can even take it a step further by adding some chrome torches to light up your garden landscape.

All in all, outdoor lighting is a great way to enjoy your landscape or patio even at night. There are a number of exterior lighting additions that you can make that will be consistent with your contemporary designed household. In reality, the party doesn’t have to end during the day, just be sure to use mosquito repellent for total enjoyment!


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