Jewelry from found objects





Lydia Yost has been making jewelry – necklaces and earrings for awhile now, but there is something that becomes more magical about them as she adds new articles to each item and her line continues to grow. First begun with feathers from her very own chickens that she raised from babies, she is now dissecting owl pellets and tying in small bones to some, while adding precious minerals or old mahjongg tiles to others. Her necklace line is equally as mesmerizing, if you look closely you can see that the base is actually an old watch face that she has taken apart, then added back clear non toxic resin that actually holds small objects in layers as if they are floating. Some are filled with the gold watch gears and parts, but others contain small pieces of lettering or bones. There is a rich personal story in each lovingly made one of a kind piece.

Soon to be on Portland Picks, and sold through Pin Me Apparel 3705 N. Mississippi Portland, Oregon 97227, Pop Up Shoppe 919 NW 23rd Portland, Oregon 97210 and Icon Tattoo 813 N. Russell Portland, Oregon 97227.

Lydia is also available to make commissioned jewelry, one loyal customer who owns a beautiful chicken gave Lydia the feathers for a personal pair of earrings. They were delivered just yesterday and she loves them!

Her prices range from $25-$200 and she may be contacted at

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