Personal dominions #2

The second in a series of interviews…possibly it is because I am curious about their lives, but my clients and friends become known in a way that I never would have expected, just by posing some rather simple questions to them.

Portland bicyclist, deep thinker, and possessor of the ability to find and express the irreverent twist of humor in everything that he sees.

– Favorite window in your new home and why?

I think the upstairs french doors, if I can count those as windows. I
can only see trees and sky out of them, so it feels like I’m in a tree
house. They let in so much light that it always feels like a sunny
spring day up there.

– What item could you not live without?

Probably a laptop. Which is strange, because I did live without one
for so long. We all did. But I don’t know how we did it.

– What is the greenest most environmentally conscious thing that you do?

I try to ride a bike almost everywhere I go.

– Favorite bike of the moment?

It’s one I built myself. I’m not much of a builder of things, so I’m
just proud that the lugs have stayed together. It was painted to look
like wood, so I like to call it the “station wagon”.

– What is boring, and what is not?

Personal finance is boring. Roller derby is boring. Other peoples
stories about flights and layovers are boring. People treat travel
conversations like misery contests, and no one ever wins.

Listening to a new favorite song for the first time is not boring.
Thinking about traveling is not boring.

– Favorite scent, song, thing to touch, and item to look at? ( one
word answers, no explanation needed )

Scent: Sir Walter Raleigh pipe tobacco
Song: Today? Bring It On Home to Me by Sam Cooke
Touch: My cat’s belly.
Look at: A steaming french press.

– Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I’d like to think that I’ll still be in Portland, but working for
myself somehow. I spend my days in a bleak sea of cubicles, and I can
feel it wearing me down. I need a change.

– Latest obsession or inspiring thing?

Historic photography. Old pictures make everything look better.
Sometimes it’s fun to be reminded that non-golfers once effortlessly
wore hats and knickers. At the historical society downtown they have a
photo archive where you can can look up anything in Portland and
they’ll give you a file folder of old photos. I used to spend my lunch
hours there.

– What is your favorite color?


– What about design interests you?

I don’t like projects that are in progress because they make me feel
anxious. I like completion. I like when things feel like they’re in
the right place, and that nothing needs to be changed. And I think
that good design creates that feeling of contentment. Fonts or
architecture or furniture or websites can make you feel that way,
where you just want to exhale and say “I wouldn’t change anything.”
Bad design is like a work in progress, something that can obviously be
improved upon.

– One project you would complete on your home if you had the
resources to complete it?


I’d turn the garage into a livable space. And I’d make sure that it
had a ladder that went to something up high. I’ve always wanted to
live somewhere with a ladder. It would be my private space, away from
drunks and acrophobics and animals lacking opposable thumbs and anyone
else that couldn’t climb a ladder.

-What is always in your fridge?


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