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notebooks that i use, to throw in my bag, for sketching, note taking and travel. i’ve bought mine at canoe in portland, but the website for postalco is full of beautiful things also, even wallets and leather bags. their little book ‘signs’ was my first purchase of their product line and it inspired my work in ways that i would not have expected.


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I just had the pleasure of working with the most professional and kind HVAC company. On time, responsive to my phone call, friendly to my dogs, complimentary towards my home and even took his shoes off at the door. Everything expressed with the most genuine professionalism as mentioned.

Owner operated, small group of employees and an otherwise basic appointment to fix my furnace was amazing. I look forward to recommending them to everyone for all of their heating and cooling needs, check out more of what they offer on their website.

Thomas Schwab 503 708 9889

ccb 165150

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Items to covet

abc home | glass drop table lamp

moooi | marcel wanders | shelving magazine storage

sigal sasoon | dandelion rug | wool+silk

trove | indi wallpaper

uedashikimono | 2 versions of japanese grass floor coverings

plinioilgiovane | shelving storage | modern bed

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Colors to covet now

donald kaufman’s palette

+ blue greens | turquoise by pratt and lambert

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