12 things that I could not live without + favorites from Danielle Delceppo {wallpaper designer}

i cannot live without:

1. my cats, chicken and waffles
2. eye liner and lipstick
3. something to read
4. travel
5. a beautiful night cream
6. rock music
7. sunshine
8. chocolate croissants
9. fresh flowers (preferably roses, orchids, chrysanthemums, dahlias, magnolias, cherry blossoms, rhododendrons, monkey paw)
10. sunglasses
11. scarves
12. olive oil (for skin care and cooking)
13. exercise

A. favorite hotel? Gild Hall NYC
B. favorite music? Neko Case
C. always in my fridge? brut champagne
D. favorite food? tomatoes in the summer
E. favorite clothing? my vintage indonesian dancer print bullet bra wrap dress that makes me feel like bridget bardot every time I wear it.
F. an odd thing in my house i cannot live without? my partner.

To see the lush and gorgeous wallpapers Danielle designs, and to custom order for your home or business, go to www.delceppo.com

hint: to see a collaborative project that resulted in a beautiful wallpaper or potential fabric option, look under pattern design – illustrative wallpaper and fabric, then check out ‘winter ink blot’ from a photograph that sbaird design took near the willamette river in a 1998 snow storm. danielle’s talents and creativity are unparalleled.

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