Form Function Fashion Show

Attended Form Function Fashion Show last night at the Center for Architecture.  The show featured lines by five talented local designers:  Emily Ryan, Liza Rietz, Emily Baker of Sword & Fern jewelry, Dawn Sharp, and Adam Arnold.

I was really struck by her Emily Ryan‘s work partly because of a personal connection to her and because hers was the first line shown.  Adam Arnold, as always, has perfection of seams and lines and his execution with wool is outstanding.  I enjoyed seeing the nature-based jewelry line, Sword and Fern, for the first time.  It feels very grounded in the Northwest.  It was also my first encounter with the work of Liza Rietz and Dawn Sharp. I loved a beautifully tailored jacket that Dawn Sharp designed and the way that Liza’s pieces related to one another.

It was nice to see the architecture and fashion design community come together for the final event of the Architecture + Design Festival.

It was also lovely to see my former design assistant, Lisa Kuhnhausen, who was one of the show’s co-creators.  Talented, resourceful, with a sublime sense of style, her mark was well noted at the show.

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