Newly restored Kristian Vedel “Modus” set c.1960

fully restored 1960 Kristian Vedel "Modus" set

I fell in love with this Kristian Vedel chair and table set when I first laid eyes on it.  However, I did not realize what a remarkable find I had discovered until I conducted some research.  Perhaps Vedel’s most iconic work, the award-winning “Modus” chair and side table set was designed by Kristian Vedel and manufactured by Soren Willadsen in 1960.

The chairs were in need of new leather cushions and the ottoman/side table required a new rosewood veneer, but I was inspired after seeing photos of the set in their mint glory.  Luckily, I had a leftover black cowhide from a previous design project, which worked perfectly for the new cushions.

I paid a visit to dear friend and talented woodworker Delaney Kelly at Creative Woodworking.  Delaney was happy to make a new book-matched veneer for the side table.  He recommended we check out Gilmer Wood for the closest match to the original Brazilian Rosewood.

Myles Gilmer, the knowledgeable owner of Gilmer Wood, was kind enough to give us a tour of the warehouse.  He took time to answer our questions about some of the hundreds of exotic species stocked there.  He explained that the Brazilian Rosewood originally used for the chairs is now a protected species, but he found a close match in a Rosewood board from Madagascar.


Kristian Vedel "Modus" chairs - before


new black leather cushions

Gilmer Wood warehouse

Delaney Kelly - making book-matched veneer from our Rosewood board

restored side table with new veneer



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2 responses to “Newly restored Kristian Vedel “Modus” set c.1960

  1. Nice job. I also fell in love with this chair and love restoring furniture a specific kind as this is.

    I recently bought a Modus chair that is in need of some serious restoration.
    The filling in the armrests need to be renewed as the foam inside got really crispy and falling apart.

    Do you have any suggestions this?


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