John Pawson – one of my favorite architects

A long time ago…a friend recommended that I read the book ‘John Pawson’s Works’ –

Ever since, I have been moved – even rendered breathless – by his minimalism and almost sanctuary architecture along with the details of his work. His own home has proven to be a laboratory for his ideals and I often wonder what it would be like to live so monastically.

“It was never just about painting everything white, I set out to create comfortable spaces – visually comfortable spaces. My mind always feels a little scrambled, so being in simple rooms helps me to think straight.” – John Pawson

calvin klein store – paris

pawson residence

pawson residence

walsh house

monastery – czech republic


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2 responses to “John Pawson – one of my favorite architects

  1. Emma

    Monastic living, a type of existence I have thought about often. Your writing is beautiful and evocative. I love these spaces, and his quote. Even the book cover embodies sparseness.

  2. I agree; beautiful…but where does he keep his “stuff”? I’m not sure I could stand so little clutter…but maybe it’d be good for me. Monk is probably something I’ll never be in this lifetime…

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