Why home and design are important



Things – by Dr. Crane

Most of us are sensitive to our surroundings. Beauty cheers and ugliness offends and the love of beautiful things is entirely without regard to their cost.

We may have to be poor, but none of us have to live in ugliness.

I will not pass my days with unspeakable wallpaper nor with table and chair and cupboard that shout at me, every time I look at them, the gospel of commonplaceness, cheapness and daftness.

Do not tell me you cannot help it and cannot afford it and all that. Whomever loves beauty requires the beautiful.

The soul spins it’s own web, secretes its own shell and blessed are those that hunger and thirst after beauty for they shall be filled.

My book case, my pen, my rugs and my lamp talk to me every day and I want them to say something worth while.


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  1. Judi Hanson

    Wow…reminds me of the phenomenal artist that you are…

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