Update : SE 52nd Bungalow

Its been a productive and fast paced spring at the bungalow on Mt. Tabor.

Siding is on, drywall is up and getting finished, wiring is temped in. Now, it is all gearing up for the finishing touches! Paint, fixtures, cabinetry, tile and more.

We took a quick stop-in to check out the job site yesterday. During the walk through, we kept marveling at the beauty and change that we saw throughout. Here are a couple of before and after snaps. Transformation abounds.

IMG_1823 DSC_1115


IMG_2249 DSC_1112

IMG_0695 DSC_1122

IMG_0696 DSC_1124

IMG_2169 DSC_1125


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2 responses to “Update : SE 52nd Bungalow

  1. Meg Coulter

    Wonderful. Love the lil tan foot too

    Meg Coulter

    Atelier Lapchi

    M O D E R N C A R P E T C U L T U R E

    809 NW Flanders Street

    Portland Oregon 97209 Phone-503.719.6589-Cellular-503.890.2661 http://www.atelier lapchi.com


    Lapchi expresses its company-wide philosophy of sustainable business through its GoodWeave affiliation and its active involvement in the educational and social well-being of the Tibetan and Nepali people who help create and export its exceptional carpets. http://www.goodweave.org

  2. Carol Buss

    Beautiful, Shannon!

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