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About Shannon

Shannon Baird is known for having a highly refined design sense for colors and interiors that seamlessly blends both traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Baird’s extensive background in real estate, project management, color, andurban living make her an invaluable asset.

Shannon is a recipient of the Elizabeth Potter award from the State of Oregon Historic Preservation Office for work in restoration, remodeling and design in residential homes and commercial buildings in Oregon and nationally.

Shannon is also a member of The Architectural Heritage Center and The United States Green Building Council.

Arts + Culture

New involvement in the arts, along with music projects completed this year. My 25 years of experience and knowledge in design and project management were directly related to the following.

One of the founding members of YU Contemporary – A visionary art center empowering artistic imagination and cultural life, destined to become the most provocative supporter of the arts that the region has ever seen.  http://www.yucontemporary.org/

Co – Executive producer – From the Land of Ice and Snow, a compilation CD, 6 years in the making. Led Zeppelin covered by eminent NW musicians. I co-produced the live show ( it sold out ) and the release of the album at Doug Fir Lounge. Press from National Public Radio and all of the local print media. Websites/blogs wrote stories on an  international level. http://www.jealousbutcher.com/iceandsnow/preorder.html

Co-producer – of the final  live concert held at the venerable Berbati’s Pan, venue opened in 1994, closing show on New Years Eve 2010. Hired publicity, managing band necessities, managed merchandise sales, venue and supporting staff’s expectations. http://www.riotactmedia.com/artists/bp5ff.php





I have worked with Shannon Baird over the past 10 years in a variety of capacities. I’ve trusted her with the interior design of my homes and commercial office space as well as with representing us in our most recent home purchase. We relied on Shannon for a myriad of details with the transaction and it was a very, very challenging one.  Shannon is the ultimate professional, always providing us expert guidance – weighing the pros and cons of the situation in relation to our priorities. I can’t express how invaluable she has been to us. We would absolutely use Shannon’s services again. She and her team are amazing.

K. Begonia


Dear Shannon and Anna,

Thanks so much for working with me on my remodel design. I can’t wait to have it complete! I’m even more excited to employ your services on a place I intend to stay in for awhile! Best Regards,



Thank you so much for helping me with paint colors.  It is an art and you are very good at it.  I appreciate your talents.

Danita Chandler – Pilates Instructor


Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me Tuesday, I so enjoyed our time together, I also appreciate you getting to know me, my business and looking at my work. You had so many great ideas and so much enthusiasm, it was wonderful getting your input. I also thank you for mentioning me on your website, that was fantastic!

Megan Galaher – landscape designer

Thank you so much for your creativity and support for enhancing our living room!

The carpet …is AMAZING.  The installation is seamless and beautiful, those guys are really good.  The angled stripe thing in the master bedroom worked out perfectly.  I think it’s the most dramatic, awesome transformation the house has undergone since the door to the backyard.  The red in the back bedroom is both thrilling and cozy, and works perfectly with all the colors in there already.

– C. Walla

At Envi Construction, we have high standards for what constitutes a great designer.

We have found over the years that Shannon Baird, and her crew at SBaird Design, provide solutions that are beautiful and timeless. The designs are tailored for each client’s needs and taste, which shows a wide range of completed work.

In addition to beautiful design, Shannon’s project management services are a great benefit that keeps our jobs on schedule. Her experience and knowledge of construction is useful for providing solutions to challenging situations.

Tim Cook – General Contractor

Envi Construction, LLC – CCB# 159893

503-522-8784 tim@enviconstruction.com www.enviconstruction.com

Shannon was an amazing resource and support during our kitchen remodel.  Our beautiful solid wood bar, laminate countertops, period light fixture and persimmon colored walls all came through her creative vision.  Shannon’s input on details such as the
dimensions of our new window or the style of the trim also helped make our kitchen all that we’d hoped for: open, light, modern, and a natural extension of the original design of our 1950′s home.


Greg, Nora, Francie, Jack, Stanley Mylet

Shannon Baird helped me find and buy my first home, and has since been there for me through two additional real estate purchases.  Shannon is as trustworthy as she is capable, and her knowledge of Portland is never ending.  She cares about each and every one of her Clients, and it shows through her dedication and hard work.  She directed the major renovation of my attic into an amazing master bedroom, that I never want to leave! (please see the pictures on the intereior design page)

Shannon is my real estate agent, interior designer, personal Portland expert, and most importantly, she is now my friend.

JH in SE

We have consulted with Shannon on numerous design projects ranging from paint colors and rug designs to landscape design and a basement remodel.  She always treats each project no matter what the scale, with the same sense of professionalism. Her aesthetic is exquisite on every level.

She truly listens to her clients needs and delivers exceptional results every time. Her list of contacts and vendors is extensive and they live up to her high standards. My husband and I highly value her opinion.. . so much in fact when i asked my husband if our entry light should be lowered a few inches he replied, “I don’t know, call Shannon.”

Tricia and Charles Smith

When I purchased my first home, I was excited to finally have a place of my own, but had no idea what to do in terms of a remodel. I knew I wanted it to be different, but there were so many pieces to consider, the carpet wasn’t right, the lighting needed to be changed, there wasn’t a closet, the bedroom was sectioned off by faded yellow curtain…and that was just the beginning.

Shannon knew exactly what to do. First she researched and then presented to me a very thorough design document, detailing brands, materials, and styles that fit with my aesthetic and were functional to my space. She incorporated elements of the architecture and natural surroundings in a way I could never have anticipated. Her breadth of knowledge is outstanding, and even more impressively, she was able to execute her designs single-handedly.

Before long, the carpet was replaced with bamboo, a custom Shannon-designed closet and pocket door system was installed, the walls were painted, lights were hung, shelves seemed to float on the wall, blinds were replaced with elegant shades, and an amazing combination of a marble table and vintage teak seating awaited when you entered the living room. Even the washer and dryer were hand picked to fit with the complete design.

Shannon sourced and oversaw the complete project and upon completion I feel incredibly lucky to be able to call it home. I highly recommend her services, her attention to detail and professionalism are unparalleled.


[finished pictures to follow, work in progress]

Shannon is a trusted consultant for myself and my family. My client hired me to market his home for sale, its a custom built 4500 square foot craftsman style home that has been through 30 years of serious living and abuse. The home needed an overhaul and the size and magnitude was overwhelming. I brought Shannon in right away to walk through and lay the foundation of materials and colors that would give the home a cohesive and modern look. She worked within his budget and nailed the colors both interior and exterior. The results have been amazing and its given my client the confidence and framework to pick the remaining finishes for the job. The project has exceeded everyones expectations and Shannon’s consultation is the best investment my client has made toward his bottom line when we go to sell. Thank you!

My 1956 custom built modern home my husband and I had recently purchased from the original estate was chosen to be featured on Portland’s largest modern home tour, the Street of Eames. The last detail we wanted to do before the tour was painting the exterior. The thought of 1000 modern home enthusiasts touring our home really put the pressure on to nail it, not to mention we wanted something we were going to love living with for the next 20 years. I immediately called Shannon having worked with her in the past with fabulous results. Shannon found the perfect shade of paint that enhanced the homes dramatic lines and fit harmoniously with the mature landscaping and mature trees of our wooded lot. The results make our house look sleek and sexy while still referencing the surrounding nature and architecture of the home. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Neighbors and visitors often remark on how the changing light of the seasons continues to unveil new facets of the colors beauty.

Jenelle Isaacson

Real Estate Broker



Thanks for having us work with you on this job. I admire your professionalism.

Bruce Koepke

Overhead Door Company- www.overheaddoor.com

My house was a train wreck when I bought it and needed a head to toe, inside and out, remodel including removal of all the exterior paint that had been neglected for the last 24 years. Shannon offered classic colors that complemented the vintage of my 1907 home and helped me match the original color that attracted me to it initially. Although I decided on a similar color to the one it had, Shannon was extremely helpful in color placement for the architectural detail such as the korbels (decorative rafter tails) attached to the eaves, the window lintels, porch columns, and sunburst in relieve above the front steps. She was very clear about where to place each color and spent extra time with me because my house had so many details to discuss. She was also available while the painting was underway for last minute, on the spot questions and was always promopt about returning my calls and emails within 24-hours. I also liked how Shannon offered a few options to choose from in the original color selection and used a photo of my house and color blocks to illustrate exactly where each color would go, which I found very helpful for visualizing the end product. It is the exact color I wanted, in all the right places and I couldn’t be happier!


Wanna try something fun?  Ask Shannon Baird what kind of kitchen faucet you should use and sit back while she rattles off three great options off the top of her head.  Or ask her if there’s a more affordable option for that ridiculously expensive but beautiful Design Within Reach table lamp you’re coveting.  Or tell her how you’re thinking about using bamboo floors and remember that she installed some in a house ten years ago.  She’ll tell you how they held up, what has changed in bamboo flooring since then and why you should choose one manufacturer over another.  If you live in New York like me, she’ll do it over the phone with the delicate sounds of a Stumptown latte being made in the background!

Basically, what I’m saying is, Shannon has been at it so long that you get to benefit from the confidence and experience that makes her job appear (and feel) effortless.


I’m a total do-it-yourselfer but had decided to call Shannon in to do the colors for my kitchen project. Shannon and Lisa were great to work with. They came in and looked at what I had done in the past. They asked lots of questions to get a feel for what I wanted and what I didn’t want. Within a couple of days they were back with some options, both of which I really liked. It was tough to even choose between those but I knew I couldn’t go wrong as either way I went it was going to look great.

Shannon also let me pick her brain on many of the other details of my project. This was very,very appreciated as she got me pointed in the right direction in regards to material finishes, wood types, trim dimensions and brands to use. Her advice and work made all the difference in my project.

Thank you.

My advice is to call Shannon for your next project. Even if you’re a do-it-yourselfer like me.
Sincerely, Aaron Orthmann

I have had the pleasure of working with Shannon Baird on several occasions, including assisting in the design of my kitchen/family room, interior and exterior paint color selections, and smaller projects such as decor/window treatments. In each instance I found Shannon to be creative, responsive, and carefully attuned to our lifestyle, attitudes and budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Shannon to someone looking for assistance with their home.


We are happy with the warmth.  It is warm but also neutral.  We find now that certain prints and colors (especially burgundy) pop out in the room.  Very nice!

Thanks–and we’ll be sure to call you again when we are ready to think about our dining room…

– Theresa

Hi. Thanks so much for helping me pick the coolest colors! It looks amazing.
Thanks for your good work with us! The house is beautiful! Stop over when you have some time.

Thanks for your quick turn around on the color consult and good work on the color choices.

Dear Shannon,
I have to say that I don’t write a lot of emails, but had to write this one.  I’m 46 years old, retired after 20.5 years in the military, and went back to the local community college for Interior Design.  I dream about it day, and night. My husband is still in the military, so we’re moving from Colorado to San Antonio, TX.  I will start up my business there, but wanted to start out small, perfect something, then move on.  I will start with color consultations, but wanted to leave clients with something more than a few pieces of paper.  I set out on a journey to find excellence today, and I found it on your website.  I can tell that you love what you do, and you do it well.  Thank you for the box idea, I will use it for my business.  May God bless you in your business.



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