Contact + Resources

cell: 503.799.5095



General Contractors and Repairs

Don Tankersley / Custom Homes 503.267.9538

Eric Wilson / Tile Setter 503.680.1749

Tom Leach Roofing 503.238.0303

Westside Electric / 503.231.1548

Craig DeLeFey / Landscaping 503.351.9694

Fresh Paint / Interior and Exterior painting 503.318.4585

EcoPaint / Interior and Exterior painting / 503.312.3192

Robert Mcanulty / Master Painter 503.422.1504

Clint Anderson / Just Plumbing Co. 503.760.3577

Beaverton Pest Control, Colin Banwell / Pest Control + Dry Rot Repair 503.645.7948

The Rebuilding Center / for donation and reused house parts 503.331.1877

M. Leon Construction / Foundation and Hardscaping  503.825.8789

Rick McBee / Sewer Repair and Excavation  503.349.0300

Eco Heat / HVAC 503.708.9889

Home Furnishings and Accesories

Atelier Lapchi 503.719.6589 fine rugs

Pratt and Larson Tile 503.231.9464

Chown Hardware 503.243.6500

Canoe 503.889.8545

Powell Paints 503.775.3642

Overhead Door Company 503.252.5111

Metro Overhead Door 503.285.7568

Misc. Information

Green Building Hotline / 503.823.5431

Home Energy Performance Testing

EcoTech Environmental Services / 503.493.1040

2 responses to “Contact + Resources

  1. Happy Valentine’s day!
    Brent and your pals at Powell Paint Center.

  2. Shannon,

    I picked up your card off the floor of a store I was shopping in. Did you maybe come by my studio and leave the card with me and I dropped it?

    Anyway, took a look at your web site, and I love your color work. I’d be honored if you’d take a look at my art to see if there is any you can use in your interiors.

    Karen Lewis

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